Training Seminars  
Since leak, flow, functional, and durability testing applications involve specific areas of science, we feel by offering specialized training seminars, we can assist manufacturers in meeting their quality assurance requirements. By having a better knowledge and understanding of the test equipment, users can fully optimize their quality control testing systems and machines.
ITC provides training seminars tailored to operators, maintenance skilled trades, and quality assurance personnel. Seminars include classroom discussion, reference material, and "on-the-floor" practice. Training seminar topics include Test System Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, and Calibration.
Following is a syllabus is for a Calibration training seminar:
  1. Calibration Introduction
  2. Definitions
    1. Transducers
    2. Two-Point Calibration
    3. Zero Calibration
    4. Span Calibration
    5. Linear Output
    6. The "Slope Intercept" Formula
    7. Slope
    8. Y-Intercept
  3. Mathematics Behind Calibration
  4. Calibration as it Applies to Leak and Flow Testing
    1. The Purpose of Pressure, Leak, and Flow Measurements
    2. Configuring Calibration
    3. Pressure Calibration
      1. When and How Often
      2. For Certification
   d. Leak and Flow Calibration
  1. When and How Often
  2. On a Production Basis
  3. For Certification
e. Calibration Verification
  1. Explanation
  2. The Typical 80% and 120%
  3. Your Calibration Tolerance Limits
V. What Happens If?
  1. Zero and Span Master Parts are Switched
  2. Zero and Span Parts Produce Voltages Which are Too Close Together
  3. Span Part Produces Voltage Equal to Maximum Transducer Capability
  4. Calibration is Performed with a Leaking Fixture
VI. On-Floor Practice of IV. b. thru IV. e.
VII. Q & A with Recap
If you are interested in scheduling a training seminar, please contact our sales department at (586) 254-3165. A seminar can be tailored to address special needs and/or to meet any specific requirements.
We will provide proven solutions to your testing applications and would welcome the opportunity to be involved in your requirements.
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