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 Two-Station VICATS-LTS-PLC-Custom - Exhaust Manifold
Custom Exhaust Manifold 
Custom Exhaust Manifold
This application utilizes the on-board PLC to control the machine. The test system is performing leak and flow tests simultaneously over two fixtures. This system also incorporates thread sensing presence attribute, and poke-yoke style proof pins to check for the presence of holes. The display also serves as an HMI, which shows machine status. For example, if a thread were missing, the screen would show a Thread Fault.
ViCATS-LTS Simultaneous Testing with Common Wall Leakage Detection
Simultaneous Testing 
Simultaneous Testing
Two cavities need testing simultaneously, but common wall leakage needs to be detected. Through advanced techniques and custom programming, a total test time of 14 seconds and a Gage R & R of 4% is achieved.
ViCATS-LTS Instruments – Water Filter Cartridge Dial Table
Water Filter Cartridge Dial Table 
Water Testing
A PLC controlled machine assembles and gages multiple styles of parts. The ViCATS-LTS performs a leak and flow test on each part. Part volumes range from ¼ liter to almost 3 liters, depending on part style. Total test time for largest part including leak and flow testing is 6 seconds
ViCATS-LTS Dual Station – Exhaust Manifold Leak and Flow Test Machine
Custom Turbine Shaft Testing Machine 
Turbine Shaft Testing
Turbine shaft cross-drilled holed are simultaneously flow tested for restriction and are leak tested sequentially. The on-board PLC controls the machine while a graphical interface communicates test information to the operator.

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