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Heavy Duty Turbines  

4L60 Heavy Duty Turbine Shaft Leak and Flow Test Machine

Shown is aViCATS-PLC-LTS custom computer based test system with graphical user interface working in conjunction with an integrated soft PLC to leak and flow test turbine shafts
Three clutch control circuits are leak tested sequentially and flow tested simultaneously. Two lube control circuits are flow tested simultaneously. The leakage rate and percentage of flow restriction are displayed at test cycle completion.
An accepted part is ink marked, clamping and sealing are automatically returned and the part is shuttled to the unload position.
A rejected part must be acknowledged by actuating the Start button. The part clamping and sealing mechanisms are then returned and the part is shuttled to the unload position. Rejected parts are not ink marked.
ViCATS features on-board statistics such as Gage R & R and SPC.


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