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ViCATS - PLC (Programable Logic Control)  

ViCATS is a computer based test system using a touch-screen color display and ViCATS software with graphical user interface. ViCATS-LTS uses pre-configured I/O to provide machine control functions such as part clamping, sealing, marking, etc. Alternately, ViCATS-PLC uses a PLC that resides on the computer to provide machine control functions. ViCATS accesses and manipulates I/O and displays status messages on-screen. ViCATS systems can perform sequential, simultaneous, and multi-fixture testing.

Two-Station Machine
Two-Station Machine

The 2-station machine shown performs accelerated leak and large part volume flow testing on Exhaust Manifolds. Test fixtures incorporate LASER sensors to detect presence of threads in all tapped holes. An impact marking device identifies accepted parts.


Save money by using ViCATS-PLC. Machine functions are controlled in a familiar PLC environment. Hardware and labor costs associated with connecting to a separate HMI, external PLC, and separate Leak Test Controller are eliminated.

ViCATS Display 
Computer Screen Display
  • Sequential, simultaneous, and multi-fixture testing.
  • User defined quantity of tests and transducers.
  • User defined testing order.
  • Dynamic test system calibration.
  • Dynamic calibration verification with user defined tolerances.
Computer display of summary report 
Computer Display of Summary Report


On-board statistics such as automated Gage R&R and SPC provide complete system and process analysis. A Gage R&R summary report is shown at the bottom and the right.

Computer display of summary report 
Computer Display of Gage R&R



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