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ViCATS LTS Introduction  
ViCATS Computer System

ViCATS Computer System use computer-based controls, proven test instrumentation, and our ViCATS (Visual Control And Test System) software that provides a graphical user interface for ease of use.

The ViCATS-LTS is pre-configured for machine control (i.e., part clamping, sealing, marking). ViCATS systems are available for applications that require simultaneous or multi-fixture testing.


Save money when PLC control is required. Machine control can come from a PLC residing on the same computer as the test software. When this option is used, the leak tester utilizes the PLC’s I/O. The various test screens serve as an MMI (man-machine-interface). I/O status and system messages are displayed on-screen.



Main Points of the system

  • A fast and powerful industrial computer-based controller.
  • Pre-programmed inputs and outputs provide machine motion control and part marking functions
  • Up to 64 tests can be run independently or sequentially.
  • ViCATS can be controlled by a remote PLC through start, reset, and test select BCD inputs and provides accept, reject, and ready output signals
  • Uses mass flow technology. However, ViCATS systems can apply other test methods to suit particular test applications.
  • Multi-level password protection controls access to system and calibration functions.
  • Automatic storage for up to one million test results with data export options.
  • An automated Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility mode guides appraisers through the data acquisition process and provides complete detailed reports.
  • An integrated Statistical Process Control program provides statistical analysis using charts and statistical calculations. ViCATS provides alerts when the process is out-of-tolerance.



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