Flow Testing  
Flow testing ensures optimal part flow in critical flow areas, such as coolant and oil passages. Unlike leak testing, in which the ideal condition is “no leak”, measuring airflow and comparing it to upper and lower flow limits, can prevent partial blockages getting to your customer. Measuring airflow is more accurate than sensing backpressure, or continuity pressure testing. Backpressure sensing typically only detects blockages that are greater than 70%, and continuity pressure tests detect 99% or complete blockage. Now, with ViCATS you can detect down to a 2% restriction by measuring actual airflow.
ViCATS is ideal for detecting for broken drill or tap bits, cast flashing or fins, core breakages, and sand blockages.
Measurements can be taken using actual flow values, such as Liters per minute, or as compared to a percentage of ideal flow.
ViCATS flow test systems use shop air set at very low test pressure to accurately measure airflow in smaller passages. When testing larger passages (up to approximately (3) inch in diameter), an on-board air supply system is used eliminating noisy and large consumption of plant air.
Front Timing Chain Cover Example:
Detect Coolant Passage flow restrictions by measuring airflow in Coolant Neck “A”, through the Coolant Pump passage, and out Coolant Pump Outlets “C” and “D”. Detect oil flow restrictions by measuring airflow through Oil Pump Inlet “H” and out Oil Pump Outlet “F”. Reject any flow rate that is less than 90% of ideal flow.
ViCATS Flow Testing:
  • Can combine leak and flow testing into (1) ViCATS test system.
  • Can reliably seal on most cast surfaces.
  • Can produce fast test times, typically 2-3 seconds per flow test.
  • Can detect airflow restrictions down to 2% of ideal flow.
  • Can measure actual airflow, rather than providing a go/no-go decision based on air pressure.
  • Can detect broken drills and taps, internal flashing, fins, or core breakages.
  • Can be performed on “as cast”, cubed, and machined.
  • Can be used detecting restrictions in Transmission Output Shafts, Transmission Housings, Front Timing
Chain Covers, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, and any other part that is designed to flow.
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